Mayor urges residents to register before Dec. 16th FEMA deadline

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – If you are struggling to pay for damage done by hurricane Matthew the window is closing for you to get federal help.

After receiving an update from FEMA, Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach is campaigning to inform people about the registration deadline.

“We’re just making sure people are taken care of, that’s the biggest thing we’re trying to do,” says Deloach.

FEMA remains stationed at the Savannah Technical College campus to offer registration for their grant/loan programs as well as SBA loans. That all ends though December 16th.

“They’ve got until the 16th to get the name in their pot and we want to make sure they do that,” adds the mayor.

The disaster recovery center is open six days a week for storm victims. Registering with them will allow neighbors the chance for grants or loans for home or property repairs post hurricane Matthew.

“Do not take the decision upon yourself to see if you are eligible or ineligible for FEMA assistance, let someone else decide for you some people are pleasantly surprise that some things are covered that they’re not aware of,” says FEMA official Gary Petty.

FEMA has registered more than two thousand storm victims and inspected dozens of properties granting more than $5.5 million in aid money.

“It’s been steady but we feel like there is still survivors out there that still need to register and December 16th is lurking upon us quickly,” says Petty.

One concern the mayor heard from FEMA was applications that were turned down for aid may have been the result of a technicality before they leave he wants those people who were denied to check one last time.

“This is your tax dollars that you’ve paid in take time out to get that paperwork done so that you can participate,” says Deloach.

This deadline does not apply for businesses that were damaged. They can still register for financial help through next July. The recovery center here is open Monday through Saturday, however this upcoming weekend will be the last time the center is open for individual aid.

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