How to help local students in need this holiday season

Christmas tree

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Jenny McCord is a part of a group of twenty Savannah moms on a mission.

“We’re just doing the work that needs to be done. We’re just filling the void,” McCord said.

The women are currently gathering supplies and donations for students who are homeless or are in need of help this Christmas season at one local middle school that has more than thirty families who are homeless or in transition housing.

“Chances are these kids aren’t going to have a lot of presents under the tree let alone food, so let’s make that better for them,” McCord said.

By donating basic hygiene items, food and Christmas presents, the moms hope to help make this year’s winter break one of fun rather than anxiety.

“So for those eight days that they’re home, they have those little items that let’s them know that we care about them, we’re just a ripple of hope and we just want to make sure we do everything and we want to encourage and engage other people if they can,” Linda Wilder-Bryan said.

Last month the women, led by Latasha Barnes, fed over a thousand people for Thanksgiving as a part of Save Our Youth. Now the women as a whole look to continue to seek out ways together so to serve the community in a direct way.

If you are interested in donating, click here for a wish list. Donations must be received by December 19th. People can donate online or drop off items to 218 Woodley Road in Savannah. The moms are set to deliver the items to the school on December 20th.


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