Electric Company Scam Hits the Lowcounty

The Power company comes calling, saying they want to put a new line right in your backyard. But all that person wants to do is steal from you.

It happened twice in one day last Friday, once on Pinckney Colony road, the other time on Elderberry road in Burton.

“The woman in her late 30’s went up to the residents who were on their porch, and said she was with a power company.” said Cpt Bob Bromage of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

The victims say she then took them to the backyard to show them where the work would be done and what kind of work it would be. That’s when her accomplice who was waiting in the car went to work.

“While she was doing that a male that was in the vehicle we suspect broke into the houses.” said Bromage

The pair then walked away with a wedding ring from one home, a travel bag from another.

“These are opportunistic criminals, they are riding down the road when they see someone on the porch they may be able to take advantage of they give it a shot,” explained Bromage.

A shot which worked twice already. One of those times the woman claimed to be from Palmetto Electric.

“If somebody shows up on your property or at your house they should be wearing a Palmetto Electric uniform or driving a Palmetto Electric logoed vehicle,” explained Tray Hunter of Palmetto Electric.

Those trucks usually aren’t your typical pickup. They not only have logos but are larger with lots of equipment.

Palmetto Electric says all their contractors or workers will have identification with them saying they work for the power company,

The workers inside, not usually nervous.

“If anybody is ever in doubt, or thinks its suspicious,” says Hunter. “Then they should contact local authorities, our folks aren’t going to run, they are happy to wait around.”

But these criminals, a 5’7″ tall woman with dirty blonde hair in her 30’s and an unidentified man, both driving a white late model sedan, aren’t waiting long.

They hit two spots 40 miles away from another last Friday, and since have been moving quickly after to stay off the radar of homeowners and investigators

“You have all these out of town companies around so i think people are just a little desensitized based on the volume of people,” said Bromage. “But again you have some legitimate companies coming in but you will have those that are opportunistic and taking advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.”

Sheriff’s say if you think something is wrong give Beaufort County 911 a call right away.

If you think you know who these thieves might be, or have a better description or tag number, call Crimestoppers right away at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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