Bond denied for the accused in Foley, Pastures Murder trial

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Their murder trial is on hold for now, but the men accused of killing Rebecca Foley and James Pastures will remain behind bars.

Jordan Campbell, Roderrick Parrish, along with Henry speaks and Shacqeal Sanders were denied bond. the defense for the men requested the bond hearing after the prosecution appealed judge Abbot’s motion to suspend the trial until specific evidence was withdrawn.

“Pre trial detention be not imposed as pre trial punishment,” says Campbell’s defense attorney.

The argument to grant bond for four men involved in the Foley/Pastures murder case comes a week after the trial was delayed indefinitely by the judge.

“I am not inclined to grant bond, your bond is denied,” says Judge Louisa Abbot.

That ruling comes after emotional testimony from both victims’ families. One of those charged, Jordan Campbell, fought back tears hearing Foley family testimony.

“I loved her dearly and she did nothing to deserve this, these suspects that did this took a wonderful, beautiful girl that did nothing to deserve it,” says Carolyn Foley, Rebecca’s grandmother.

This was the first time Rebecca Foley’s family and the Pastures were able to talk in front of the men accused of killing their loved ones. The next time they can do that could be months from now.

“We got the results that they are keeping the guys in custody that’s exactly where they belong,” says Foley’s grandmother.

“It’s better now that we know that they will be kept in custody if they’re not out on the street there’s no threat of them running, our desire is to put them in jail with a life sentence with no chance of parole,” says Rebecca’s father Eddie Foley.

The trial remains in limbo until the state reviews the prosecution’s appeal. The defense could also consider appealing the bond denial.

“That’s how defendants get out, when it takes a long time people get complacent with it kind of and the jurors don’t want to hear about it no more, it’s just not good for the case to drag on and on and on,” says James Pastures’ father Joe Pastures.

There is no date yet for when the appeal by the prosecution will be heard in the court of appeals in Atlanta.

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