Renowned Christmas lights home gets help, still work to be done

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We told you last night about the Haldeman’s needing some help with their annual Christmas lights display. A storm damaged yard, front and back, and unlike years past only a handful of Christmas lights.

Since are story aired, help has come home for the Haldeman’s.

“Every little bit helps and this is a big help,” says Bob Haldeman.

After our story aired, the Savannah Salvation Army brought in volunteers to help. They have worked with Haldeman’s before to decorate his home, but say this year will be tough for them to continuously be there with the multiple projects they have going on for the holidays as well as for disaster relief from the hurricane.

“It was really an icon not only for the neighborhood but for the entire city but as time has passed beyond and not to just be the recipient of those funds for so many years we now are helping the Haldeman’s,” says Major Phillip Swyers with the Salvation Army.

For the last 18 years, Haldeman has used the light display to raise funds for the army and the money all stays in town. More than that, Swyers believes this year a great deal of neighbors will need his light show to feel the Christmas spirit following all of the devastation caused by hurricane Matthew.haldeman

“Sometimes it’s as simple as a light display that you walked as a kid and now you’re walking your own kid that can start a Christmas for some people,” Swyers says.

The help doesn’t stop Bob from trying to do what he has done for 22 years. He unrolls nearly every string of two hundred to one hundred lights, making sure every light bulb is working and in the precise spot.

“Make sure the lights on on the top and then wind them down…okay,” says Bob as he walks over to the holly tree where the army volunteers are wrapping it with those strings of lights.

The last year has not been filled with Christmas spirit for the Haldeman’s, Bob was in and out of the hospital for weeks as was his wife.

“Bob is bob and he has a lot of the lights that he continues to do that are special to him,” says Swyers.

Bob is going to be Bob, he’s facing the fact that he only has a week left to have the display up and ready. He’s keeping his sense of humor through it all.

“And I’ll have the reindeer right there but I wont have an igloo so what I’m going to say is global warming.”

Bob and the boys were able to set up at least half of his display. If you would like to help him he has to have the lights ready by December 8th. You can contact us here at News 3 to get in contact with Bob.

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