Local pastor’s mother found dead after fires in Tennessee


UPDATE: Alice Hagler’s body was found in her cabin in Chalet Village Wednesday. She was 70 years old. So far, there is no more information at this time.


“This is James, Lyle and Rachel Wood,” said the reporter Tuesday evening during a live interview with two brothers looking for this missing mother in Tennessee.

Pastor Lyle Wood lives in Rincon and is a pastor at the Effingham County Branch of the Compassion Christian Church. Coworkers say he and his wife Rachel abruptly left for Gatlinburg,Tennessee Tuesday morning after word that his mother, Alice Hagler had not been seen since wild fires erupted in that area Monday night.

During a live interview with our sister station WATE, Pastor Wood and his brother James made a plea for people to look at their mom’s picture and contact them if they have seen her. “Her family is looking for her, we’re here we’ve come to find her and there’s still hope in that,” says the pastor.

Wood and his family are hoping their mother may have gone to one of the many shelters in the area. James Wood did tell the reporter that he had been speaking with his mother on the phone about 8:30 Monday evening just as the wildfires were reportedly getting out of control. The family has not heard from her since that call.

Pastor Wood was holding out hope that his mom may be somewhere safe. “If you see her now and you’re talking to her she’s probably talking about her grandkids and about her wonderful family,because she loves us a lot and we love her a lot, too so our hope is that people see and maybe even get in touch with us.,” he said.

Local coworkers and friends say they have been trying to help locate Mrs. Hagler by doing what they can from here, including making phone calls. But as of yet, there is no update.

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