“To the Children of Satan,” letter addressed to Islamic Center of Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga – A letter containing disturbing language was sent to the Islamic Center of Savannah over the weekend. 

The facility manager of the center found the letter when he went to check the mailbox on Sunday. 

Inside the letter calls Muslims “vile” and “filthy people.” The letter, signed by “Americans for a Better Way,” also write that President-Elect Donald Trump represents “a new sheriff in town” who will will “cleanse America” by saying he will “do to you Muslims what Hitler did to  the Jews.”

The letter has a Savannah return address but was post marked in California. There have also been five copies of this letter sent to mosques in California. 

While this isn’t the first time to center has received what they call “hate mail,” the group is resolved to carry on in peace with a message to those questioning their local Muslim neighbors. 

“To the non-Muslims, if you actually go and take the time to talk to a Muslim, you’d be surprised at what our message is. It’s peace and love. That’s it, that’s all there is,” Islamic Center of Savannah member Omar Afaneh, 23, said. “We all believe in the same God, we’re all human.”

Members of the Islamic Center decided to get the F.B.I. involved because of the strongly worded nature and national connection. The federal agency and Islamic Center are set to meet Tuesday morning to develop a forward plan. 

Meanwhile the community has come together in support placing flowers and cards on the center’s entrance gate with messages of peace, love and solidarity. 

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