UPDATE: Foley trial put on hold

UPDATE: While the judge over the Foley case makes a decision on evidence the trial, is temporarily on hold. It doesn’t appear that testimony will start Wednesday, November 1st since jury selection is not complete.


SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – The murder trial for college student Rebecca Foley begins this week. Foley was found dead suffering from a gunshot wound in her car on Savannah’s southside in 2013. The trial though will include another murder case. Two years after Foley was shot and killed, 34 year old James Pastures was killed off of East 51st street.

The District Attorney’s office has said they plan to try these suspects as though the killings were meant to be gang initiations. They have included the suspects in the Pastures’ murder with those in Foley’s all under the Street Terrorism and Gang Prevention Act.

“We just want the truth to come out about what happened and we want his name cleared of everything they are accusing him of,” says Pastures’ mother Michelle Pastures.

Joining the defendants accused of killing 21 year old Rebecca Foley are Henry Speaks and Shacqeal Sanders. They are charged in the death of James Pastures. The Pastures family tells us that the district attorney’s office believes he may have known something about Foley’s death that got him killed.

“We don’t know that’s what we’re trying to find out in court I think everything will come out, everything the DA has, the detective has will come out in court, that’s why we’re coming here diligently took off work to be here every day,” says Pastures’ father Joseph Pastures.

 Nearly every day since their son’s death the Pastures have been a part of multiple anti violence and anti gang movements around Savannah. Their son’s case was merged with Foley’s because of possible gang affiliation.

“With them merging the cases if that’s the best thing for both of them to receive the justice they deserve, I feel like as though it’s the best thing,” says Pastures’ wife Ashley Pastures.

Pastures’ family hope this case sheds more light on the gang problems in Savannah as well.

“Nobody really wanted all of this to take place but unfortunately nobody is above the law,” says his widow.

If the two men are found guilty in their son’s murder the family wants no mercy given.

“When my son get up and walk out of the grave that’s when they need to walk out of jail that’s what we feel,” says Pastures’ mother.

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