Funeral for Fireman Michael Curry concludes with last alarm ceremony

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Master fireman Michael Curry was given his last alarm Saturday following a procession from the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

“And the bell rings in memory of and in tribute to his life and his service, his last alarm he is going home,” says Mark Keller with the Savannah Fire Department.

A homecoming send off for master fireman Mike Curry. His firefighter family by the hundreds says their goodbyes to the fireman, father and friend. The ringing of the bell symbolizes the life of a fireman according to Keller. The bell was what called fireman into work, out to a fire, as well as signaled when a fire was out as well as the end of service for a fireman.

“It is with deep sadness and sorrow to report that after nearly thirteen years of bravery and service, Master firefighter Michael Curry has completed his last call, his last and final call on earth,” that’s what aired over dispatch for Savannah fire personnel.

Though there is the ringing of the bell and roar of the bagpipes to send him off, it’s mostly silent in the last alarm ceremony. For those who knew Curry its a time to remember what his legacy will be.CURRY FUNERAL_2

“You know everyone says I’m his best friend, he made everybody feel his best friend, Mike’s biggest thing that he’d want us to remember, grab somebody, grab that starfish throw it back in the ocean, save as many as you can that’s the Mike I know,” says Curry’s close friend Chris Sams.

Now he’s the Mike all of Savannah and surrounding fire departments know. Fire brigades from across Georgia the South Carolina lowcountry and further came to honor him.

“Go big or go home, he’d love it, go big or go home, but on the same thing he would only want it to fuel something else bigger than him so as long as it fuels something else bigger if it touches people to make a difference if it teaches people to be important,” says Sams.

The ceremony followed a half mile procession from celebration of life services held for Curry at St. John the Baptist Cathedral.

“Master firefighter Michael Curry you have completed your watch, Rest In Peace and know you will forever be in our hearts,” aired over Savannah fire dispatch.

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