Friends, strangers gather downtown to remember Michael Curry

SAVANNAH, Ga – On Saturday hundreds gathered to honor the life of Master Fireman Michael Curry.

Curry, 42, died one week ago while on duty assisting with the rescue of 55 people after a dock collapsed in the Savannah River.

After his funeral at St. John’s Cathedral his body, hundreds participated in a walking procession through the streets of downtown Savannah.

Curry’s body was placed on a fire engine and lead the way of the procession.

Included in the procession were friends and family as well as leaders of the city and multiple leaders of Savannah.

Denise and Joe Driggers came all the way from Bryan County to help their kids understand the importance of first responders.

“We’re here cause I wanted to show them what a real life hero was cause,” Denise Driggers said.

The Driggers are family friends with the Curry family and wanted to send their support by standing as his casket went by on Bull Street.

Bryan Witkow was visiting his family in Savannah when he heard about Curry’s death and funeral. Being a fireman himself with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, he knew he had to know his brother.

“Even though we’re not connected directly to Savannah Fire Department, but working for L.A. County Fire, we have a bond that really united us all as a group,” Witkow said.

The procession march on with the sound of bagpipes, sniffles and the overwhelming void of silence as friends and strangers paused to reflect on Curry’s impact to themselves and the community.

“I was thinking they’re [first responders] faceless people until something happens and maybe we should learn about them before something happens like this,” Joe Driggers said.


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