The Holiday Spirit is Restored Downtown

SAVANNAH, Ga – Families from near and far wait on Broughton street in anticipation to meet the man in the red suit and watch this tree come to life. “I think this is such a special opportunity in a great community,” Ben Carter, the event sponsor, said.  Carter brought the idea of Holidays on Broughton to the city.

Carter said he wanted to bring Christmas back to life in Downtown Savannah.

“We used to go to the richest Christmas tree in Atlanta and it was our tradition,” Carter said. “It was like neighborhood, so I hope it will be a neighrborhood event for the city.”

Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach was 100% on board with the idea.

“When I was a kid, how heavy and active it was down here on Broughton street. It had fallen odd years ago back in the 70’s and it’s something we need to bring back to the community and let this be a part of the community,” DeLoach said.  Santa Claus kicked off the event Friday.

Although he strolled in with other help since he had to leave Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen and his nine other reindeer at home.

“It’s just a little smidge bit warm for Santa down here,” Santa said. “I had to leave the reindeer up at the North Pole, but we had horses bring us in here today but it’s good.” Kids got a photo opp in with Santa before the main event. “I told him Merry Christmas and I told him about me decorating my own Christmas tree this year,” Savannah Mauer, who got a picture with Santa, said.

Mayor DeLoach flipped the switch to light up Broughton Street with the Christmas spirit.

“I think it’s kind of cool to be able to see the big Christmas tree get lit up and the band play and getting my picture taken with Santa,” Mauer said.

A new tradition that’s here to stay.

“Downtown here looks beautiful, the giant tree,” Santa said. “I just think it’s marvelous. All the beautiful children that are here. I just love it.”

Holidays on Broughton runs until December 17th.

The lights will remain on throughout the holiday season.

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