Salvation Army says effects of Hurricane Matthew affecting numbers of families asking for holiday help

The hurricane is over but not for everyone.  Many families are still struggling to fix their homes and dealing with high insurance deductibles.  Or others, like the dozens in West Lake Apartments where there was severe flooding, did not have renters’ insurance.

Major Philip Swyers of the Salvation Army in the Savannah area says that’s all having an impact on the applications for assistance this holiday season. “We’ve already taken our Angel Tree/ Holiday Hope applications and so we have  holiday normal families that we assist during the holidays. But there are folks who weren’t expecting to need help thisyear because of the hurricane and so having to go through all of the insurance problems that they have and those expenses – we now have picked up families that because of the hurricane.  They are needing our assistance this year and these are people who in the  have never needed help from the Salvation Army. So, we’re really hoping this year for a lot of people to help us because there will be big numbers (of people who need help) because of what our community has gone through,”

Swyers says if you give donations at any Red Kettle site, that that money will not  only be used to aid people over the holidays but to serve the needy all year long with food and temporary housing assistance.

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