New holiday tradition comes to Downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Christmas trees, lights and decorations covers Downtown Savannah to prepare for a new and improved holiday.

“Invite the city, the community, Downtown to come see how great the most historic shopping district in the Southeast is,” Lowell Kronowitz, the 4th generation president of Levy Jewelers on Brought Street, said. We have lots of wonderful stores; we have lots of great restaurants, plenty of parking.”

Kronowitz is talking about the first ever Holidays on Broughton.

“We have great things and great opportunities for shopping and for dining and for browsing and for strolling,” Kronowitz said. “It’s what downtowns in America once were.”

This event kicks off on Black Friday and runs until December 17th. It’s full of activities from a tree lighting to reserving your photo opp with Santa Claus.

Not only is it to celebrate the holidays, but to help bring shoppers to the local business community

“It’s giving back to the community, you know,” Sharon Chambers, a shopper, said. “Keeping the stores open and busy.”

And Kronowitz agrees.

“Buying local is very important,” Kronowitz said. “There are probably things on this street people could buy in their pajamas on a Saturday on their sofa on the internet maybe even get free shipping and not even pay tax, but the truth of it is that’s not supportive of the community.”

Support savannah needs.

“Those tax dollars that are collected help support the schools and help support the infrastructure and helps support all things that people want to have in a vibrant city and a vibrant community,” Kronowitz said.

To help bring those shoppers in Kronowitz said the city will provide free parking for three hours on Friday anytime during the day. Just another way to help ring in the holiday cheer.

And as a reminder the tree lighting is on Friday, November 25th. Click here for a full list of events.

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