Hudson’s Gives Hundreds a Good Meal, and More

For 18 years Hudson’s has brought the community together for a Thanksgiving meal. But for many this day and this dinner means much more.

Starting at 9:30 this morning the line at Hudson’s was wrapped around the building.

“Its a blast,” said Andrew Carmines, Hudson’s General Manager. “Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t do this.”

97 turkeys. 20 hams. 200 quarts of mashed potatoes. 22 gallons of gravy and lots of fun. Even for the folks who have to do the dishes.

“its exciting because of the constant barrage of dishes being brought in from people eating,” said Bobby Riggs, Volunteer Dishwasher. “Its exciting just to be here with everyone in a volunteer way.”

1500 people came out to Hudson's for the 18th annual community dinner
1500 people came out to Hudson’s for the 18th annual community dinner

Volunteers are the key.

More than 300 showed up to dish out some good food for folks who couldn’t have had it otherwise, or come back for the fellowship.

“Its become an island tradition,” said Andrew Carmines. “I see a lot of the same faces, the beautiful thing about it is its truly a community event. You see people from all different walks of life and everyone is dining together getting to know one another and getting a nice sense of family.”

Everyone dines together. Strangers from around the area, the state, the country, who are now family.

Hudson’s has made this meal for 18 years. Hurricane Matthew tried to stop it, but with hard work and prayers, tables which would have been empty now are filled with happy people, with full bellies.

“They fought hard to make sure this meal was served today,” said longtime volunteer Allen LeCoe. “Andrew (Carmines) said to me, allen I have 120 families who are depending on me. I will be open, and will have a dinner.”

More than 1500 people came to Hudson’s today.

The dinner was free, but donations were collected for the Deep Well Project who helped needy families after the hurricane and will again at Christmas.


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