ONLY ON 3: “I Want Justice for Cleveland and Don too”


The man accused of driving under the influence in an accident that killed local newsman Don Logana made his first appearance in court.

Cleveland Coleman went before a Chatham County judge for a preliminary hearing.

He is the truck driver who was involved in a head on collision early Sunday morning.

WTOC Anchor Logana  was killed in the wreck. he was riding in the back seat of the car that collided with Coleman’s truck.

Three other people were in the vehicle with Logana.

Cleveland Coleman is facing Felony DUI charges
Cleveland Coleman is facing Felony DUI charges

One remains in critical condition.

Coleman is behind bars, but his family says he shouldn’t be, or shouldn’t be the only one facing charges.

Now they tell News 3 they want answers, and justice.

“I want justice. and i would love to see justice for Don too.” says Shanika Coleman, Cleveland Coleman’s sister.

Shanika Coleman is looking for answers, because her brother Cleveland can’t provide any.

His sister says Coleman doesn't remember what happened the night of the crash
His sister says Coleman doesn’t remember what happened the night of the crash

“He asked me to turn on the news,” Shanika says about her brother. “I turned on the news and he was like what happened, and i said they are trying to fault you for this man’s death. He started crying. I don’t know sis, i don’t remember nothing sis, nothing at all.”

Cleveland may not remember anything, but he does have the injuries to prove he was in a crash.

He is suffering from a collapsed lung, broken arm and badly bruised hip and stomach.

“So as far as folks saying he fleed the scene, he wasn’t in a predicament to flee the scene,” explained Shanika. “He had help getting out of the car because he wasn’t responsive at all.”

A concussion now leaves him dizzy, and foggy.

“He was just up asking me what day was it,” says Shanika. “So how can he go to court and make a decision for himself.”

“The county hospital the jail hospital is not where he needs to be. He needs to be seen by real doctors,” says an adamant Coleman.

But its not just her brother’s care she is asking to change.

“If they are saying its all Cleveland’s fault then why the party that was driving why isn’t it their fault too.”

Shanika says her brother is no angel. He does have a previous criminal record and two stints in Georgia State Prison dating back to 2005-2006. But he had a job, and was trying to turn his life around.

Cleveland Coleman is a convicted felon, spending more than a year in a Georgia State prison
Cleveland Coleman is a convicted felon, spending more than a year in a Georgia State prison

She says remember, everyone has a history, and demons.

Shanika says witnesses have told her the other driver was also under the influence. A point she wants everyone, including the Highway Patrol, to take into consideration.

“If they have to reconstruct the whole scene then why is he being charged with felony DUI.”

“I feel like if he is being charged then everyone needs to be charged. Right is right wrong is wrong. And if they all are drinking then they all need to be charged.”

We asked the South Carolina Highway Patrol if the other driver had been drinking when the crash happened, and if any other charges were pending.

Since the SC Highway Patrol’s Major Accident Investigation team is still working on the case, they cannot reveal those answers.

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