Feed the Hungry feast fills dozens before the holiday

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Kids gobbling down turkey and a high school drumline entertaining dozens at an event many are grateful to have.

“It’s important to the community to be able to sit down,” Ronald Simmons, one of the recipients, said. “Everybody sit down together. People are from different areas. You don’t have to be homeless and not have any food to eat, but to be able to get together and sit down with everybody, talk, eat, drink, say a prayer and listen to some music and enjoy yourself.”

Turkey, collard greens and stuffing are some of the many foods that filled plates at the Feed the Hungry event Wednesday night at the John S. Delaware Center.

“It’s very important because some of us have been affected the same way these families have been affected, so it’s for us to give back and with all my sisters we give back,” Gina Smith, a volunteer said.

But it’s not just about giving back. It’s about bringing everyone of all ages together as one.

“It’s bringing the community together,” Rev. Carl Gilliard, organizer and director, said. “There are no boundaries to hunger and people are having rough seasons and rough times right now. If we can feed one person, reach one family and reach another person to encourage them that’s what Feed the Hungry is all about.”

And they got to take food home too.

Hundreds of items were donated so families could grocery shop and feed one another, especially the little ones.

“A lot of times in America a lot of kids are going hungry too even a lot of kids take time just to go to school to get a meal,” Gilliard said. “So, to give them a meal and give them some fun because we can’t leave them out.”

Or anyone else for that matter.

“The whole thing is to make people feel better in the inside, in reference to the meals, have them take something home with them and take something home in reference to a good event,” Gilliard said.

If you missed out, then it’s okay.Feed the Hungry organizers plan to do the same event around Christmas.

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