Tuesday marks 53rd anniversary of JFK’s assassination

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WFLA) — Tuesday, November 22, marks the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

On this day in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president at 12:30 p.m. while he was in Dallas. President Kennedy was traveling with his wife, Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connally and Connally’s wife, in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza.

Just four days prior to the president’s assassination, that Monday the 18th, Kennedy was the first sitting president to visit Tampa. JFK was the 35th President of the United States.

In the five decades since JFK’s assassination, conspiracy theories have cropped up about who actually was behind the killing. Some of those theories involve Tampa.

One story claims a gunman was set up in the Floridan Hotel, ready to take aim on the president in Tampa. This theory is bolstered by stories of organized crime in the Bay Area, and its possible involvement. The downtown Tampa hotel, according to the story, could be the right place for a sniper.

The investigation by the Warren Commission into JFK’s death concluded in September 1964 that Oswald acted alone in the shooting, finding no evidence of a conspiracy.

An AP poll done in April 2013, found that 59 percent of Americans think multiple people were involved in a conspiracy to kill the president, while 24 percent think Oswald acted alone, and 16 percent are unsure. A 2003 Gallup poll found that 75 percent of Americans felt there was a conspiracy.

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