Day two of mental competency hearing for Dylann Roof

Charleston, SC—The mental competency hearing for admitted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof enters day 2. The hearing lasted all day Monday from 9AM to around 6:30PM and picked back up at 9AM on Tuesday. The hearing is closed to the public so there is little information as to what is going on behind closed doors.

We do know that both legal teams are there—Roof’s defense attorneys and the federal prosecutors. We also know there are expert witnesses testifying to Roof’s mental competency. Some of those experts are doctors and we know that because the prefix “Dr.” was legible in court documents; however, the specific title is blacked out. The court did not release any information about how many specialists, their areas of expertise, nor if there are any additional experts (not doctors) who testified.

If federal Judge Richard Gergel finds Roof incompetent, the trial will be postponed indefinitely. If he rules that he is competent to stand trial then it will start with jury selection on November 28th. The judge said he will release his decision as soon as the mental competency hearing is finished. As of Tuesday, they have not said when they anticipate the hearing to be complete.

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