Out-of-state crews continue recovery efforts

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “We had an oak tree come down behind me.” Pat Enright, of Enright’s Tree Service, said. “It fell through the structure, was hung up in this tree and all through the powerlines.”

Messes companies like Enright’s Tree Service out of New Jersey have cleaned up all over town.

“Sometimes it takes two days like this one sometimes you do four or five jobs a day, so we’ve helped a lot of people and we’ve got a lot of people back on their feet.”

They’ve helped around 100 families in Chatham County through Timber Warriors. News 3 brought you the story of the storm recovery crew out of St. Louis earlier this month.

They made their way to Savannah in an effort to inspire other businesses to the area to help with free tree removal. The home they attacked Monday belongs to a veteran.

“The projects all went smooth, no one got hurt and we helped a lot of people,” Enright said. “And it’s nice to give back to the veterans. We appreciate everything and we support our troops.”

However it’s not an easy job. Some workers have been in Savannah since the hurricane hit and haven’t been back home since

“It’s fulfilling. It’s tough, because we’re away from our family and friends and stuff,” Enright said. “That’s the kicker, but we’re out here, it’s nice to have steady work and consistent work with good people and good contractors.”

Work they are more than happy to have.

“Just to get everybody back on track, you know,” Enright said. “Hurricane Matthew’s devastated this area and we encourage homeowners not to do this stuff yourself because you can get killed.”

If you need assistance in removing your tree they advise you to call timber warriors. They’ll do everything they can to help.

You can reach them on their website or call 1-844-999-9246.

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