Savannah Fire holds memorial for fallen firemen, spotlight Firefighter Curry

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Savannah Fire did resume their annual memorial service for the fellow firefighters who have died since the department began. This years service is unlike any they department can remember as they ring Big Duke once for Master firefighter Michael Curry who had answered his last call not even a day earlier.

More than a dozen names were read before his, but unlike the past, families of those who lost a loved one in the service to Savannah fire had the curry family on their minds.

“This one really hasn’t set in yet but it hurts,” says battalion chief Thad Dixon.

The last time Savannah fire lost a service member in active duty was twenty five years ago. Not even twenty four hours since curry answered the call to the east river street ferry dock Savannah firemen ring big duke with a heavy heart.

“Mike was not only a brother firefighter he was a friend of mine, when I heard about it yesterday it was like being slapped in the face,” says Dixon who also served in the department when the last on call death happened in 1991.

Those in mourning included troupe 4102, Curry’s cub scout troupe his son is in and the one he mentored.curry_mem_1

“They ask me what if he was here would we be here and I said absolutely we would be here for anybody else, he would bring us here in our uniforms to support the community, because that’s what he did,” says troupe secretary Jaci Van Scooter.

Curry served for thirteen years with Savannah fire. He became a master fireman and a specialist that was also trained for the county marine patrol’s diving unit. Outside of the station he was the same in life, he was a part of any charity he could be in as well as in any organization from scouts,to school, to church for his son.

“He wanted to live life to the fullest, he wanted to make sure he was helping somebody every day, he wanted to make sure that his son and these scouts is what our purpose is here, he put God, his family first, this community and all of these children first,” says Van Scooter.

Curry’s uniform was laid on the back of the firefighter Memorial along Oglethorpe Avenue Sunday, chief Dixon believes his name will be the first they etch on the stone memorial’s back side.

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