Students in Trouble For Handing out Pills at Hilton Head school

Hilton Head Middle School

For the second time in two months students were apparently handing “drugs” out at Hilton Head Middle School.

Now seven students could be facing discipline after pills were distributed inside the school.

Beaufort County School officials tell News 3 a 7th grader actually distributed the pills to the other students, who are in 6th and 7th grades.

Three did take the pills, but did not feel sick or experience any side effects.

Three other kids got the alleged drugs but threw them away.

Officials don’t know what kind of pills that were handed out.

All the students were disciplined under the county’s code of conduct.

Penalties could include suspension, or even expulsion.

This is the second incident in two months at the school.

Back in October an 8th grade handed out unknown pills to two fellow classmates.

The school system now plans on doing a special counseling session for Hilton Head Middle School parents about keeping their prescriptions safe, and the dangers of drugs for kids.

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