Savannah Property Owners Receiving Warning From City – Clean Up!


Savannah — (WSAV)

Blight in Savannah has been a big problem for decades.

Now, city leaders are forcing property owners to pay a lot more, if they don’t clean up.

City leaders are hoping a hefty tax will force homeowners to see the light.  64 properties across Savannah have been deemed chronically blighted.  In fact, the owners of those properties will soon get a letter from the city

informing them of their extensive history of failing to clean up.  The city council adopted the Blight Tax back in February.

It will increase the taxes for any owner who leaves their property in blighted conditions for extended periods of time.


“It’s not just one instance, it’s a series of problems with the property, they’re unsafe, they’re overgrown,” says Kimberly Corbin, Director of Property Maintenance.


Leaders say red tape is what keeps them from simply tearing down any property.

They say if owners comply with the ordinance and clean up they will be removed from the list.





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