Telfair Pavilion breast cancer tree lighting

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Breast cancer survivors celebrated life today by taking part in a special tree lighting.

The breast cancer awareness holiday tree at the Telfair Pavilion stands as a symbol of strength and encouragement for another year of survival.

Ornaments shine for survivors and in memory of those who lost their battle.

I was honored to bring a message of hope.  Survivor Rose Murrell shared her inspiring story.
“I’m a two time breast cancer survivor.

And believe it God is so good.   And my mom just was diagnosed last month.  And it’s unusual that a daughter gets it and then your mom turns around and gets it, but she hasn’t had surgery or anything yet but it’s in the making.”

The mammography fund for the uninsured got a boost today too thanks to several fundraisers.

“Every franchise within 9 Round donates a penny for every kick performed on that particular day. At our facility we had 56, 244 kicks performed by our clientele on that particular day.  And of course I’m here I donate a penny for every kick.”

That’s $566.

Firefighters and students also presented checks to Telfair’s Mammography Fund today.


candler-tree-3 candler-tree-5 candler-tree-4 candler-tree-2 candler-tree-1

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