Golfers can surf fairways at the Club at Savannah Harbor

Surfing the fairways comes to Savannah Harbor

(HUTCHINSON ISLAND) Golfers in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry can now try a new way of navigating the fairways, in fact, they can now surf the earth. That’s how many describe the GolfBoard, a brand new feature offered at The Club at Savannah Harbor. This new take on traditional golf carts allows the riders to carve the fairways. GolfBoard is a single-rider vehicle that turns like a skateboard. Kevin Ward, GolfBoard sales representative for Georgia and Florida says it made it’s debut in 2014, adding it was developed by a big name in big wave surfing. “It was developed by, uh, Laird Hamilton, who is the, maybe the world’s most famous big wave surfer, um, you you ride it like a skateboard or a snowboard, reminds me a lot of a snowboard.” Ward said.
The GolfBoard has been turning heads and riding a wave of positive feedback since it’s introduction to the world of golf two years ago, when it was named the best new product at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2014. This year, it was named the as an Editor’s Choice award winner for Best Club Transport by Golf Digest, who said, “Our winner in the New Age category is GolfBoard, a combination of electronic snowboard and golf cart that allows you to traverse the course by maneuvering the device while standing on it, with your clubs right in front of you. GolfBoard is fun, and it provides a bit of a workout for those feeling guilty about not walking.”

GolfBoard is making it’s first splash in the region on Hutchinson Island. Dana Schultz, Club Manager for the Club at Savannah Harbor, says accolades and growing interest makes GolfBoard a smart addition to their fleet. Shutlz says it’s appeal spans generations of golfers who’ve tried it. “”All ages, um, a lot of it is pace of play-related. They’re able to get out, play pretty quickly, um, and part of it as far as improving your game is really focusing more on your game versus just riding in a golf cart with two people.” said Schultz. Members like Ched Hultman, say the GolfBoard indeed speeds up play. “”And the whole thing today is to kind of speed up golf…so it doesn’t become a whole day experience.” Hultman said. Ward demonstrates that the steering for the GolfBoard is controlled by the rider’s feet. In a normal stance, toe action takes you right, heel action turns left, allowing the rider to carve the fairways. Hultman says it’s a unique experience that all golfers should try. ” It just offers a different sensation to playing golf. I think it’s kind of a neat experience.” said Hultman.  Schultz says there is an up charge to use the GolfBoard, $10 dollars for members and $20 dollars for guests of the resort.

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