Coastal Empire Fair turns on the lights one last night at Fairgrounds site

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Sunday will be the final night you can go to the Savannah fairgrounds to enjoy the Coastal Empire Fair.

In the months to come these bright lights and loud rides could be construction crews as the city of Savannah now owns the coastal empire fairground site.

“We look forward to it, because it’s ‘fair time’, the season’s going to change and you know stuff like that,” says Howard Owens who has gone to the fair since he was a kid.

Howard and Frankie Owens have made it to the fair nearly every year.

“What we were saying is remember how we use to come and everything looked so big and huge, yeah, and it doesn’t look that way anymore but that goes along with time,” says Frankie as she holds Howard’s hand.

The fair was facing financial troubles since the recession and bad timing came as well when a shooting took place back in 2014.

“That’s sort of an isolated incident, yeah that’s something that happened, it’s definitely not normal. For as long as I remember from the years coming out here, nothing like that happens,” says the Owens.

This will be the final year it could call Savannah home after more than sixty five years.

“We plan on doing this again same time next year and years to come,” says coastal empire fair secretary Chris Hafer.

That’s what Howard and Frankie hope.

“It’s a family affair you don’t have many things now involving the entire family, this is a family affair,” Owens adds.

As the lights come on and rides crank up one last time, the future is uncertain for the fair. Fair operators say it’s been one of its busiest years to date and on the final day they don’t want locals to miss out.

“There’s over forty rides out there and they’re ready to go and there’s people on them and they’re having fun and they’re excited,” Hafer adds.

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