Todd Kohlhepp’s mother speaks about her son and his motives

(WSPA) – The mother of Todd Kohlhepp spoke exclusively to 7News about her son and his motive behind the Superbike killings.

Reggie Tague spoke to Amy Wood about the recent charges against her son.

Tague says he told her they embarrassed him and made him feel bad when all he wanted was to be taught how to ride a motorcycle. She says his rage and inability to control his anger led him back to that shop for revenge.

And later she discussed Charles Carver and Kala Brown. Brown was found chained up on Kohlhepp’s property while Carver’s body was found shot and buried.

“All he told me is that Charlie had a really smart mouth and that he didn’t like it,” Tague says.

We will have more from our interview with her coming up Friday beginning on 7News Live at 5.

Kohlhepp is charged with 4 murders and is a suspect in 3 others.


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