FUGITIVE FILES: Convicted Drug Dealer on the Run

Marcus Scott is wanted on various drug-related charges

A man who is considered a “leader” of a major drug ring in our area is still on the loose, and your tip may help find him.

“This is someone who is profiting off of poisoning our community and is someone we can’t have on the streets,” said Gene Harley of Savannah-Chatham CNT.

Marcus Scott is wanted on various drug-related charges
Marcus Scott is wanted on various drug-related charges

That someone is Marcus Scott. Scott has already spent almost 5 years in a Georgia State Prison, but that time behind bars didn’t stop him from becoming a high level drug dealer when he got out.

“We identified this organization as a large drug scale operation that was bringing in multiple kilos of cocaine to Chatham County,” explained Harley.

Scott was one of 16 people indicted for not only selling those drugs, but distributing them throughout Chatham County, and as far away as Texas.

Marcus Scott
Marcus Scott

“He was the higher, top tier of this group,” said the Agent. “So he is someone who was orchestrating the criminal activity in our community.”

Marcus Scott is 6′ 200 lbs. His operation was based in the Tatumville and Skidaway Corridor area, but investigators say now, he could be anywhere, which is why they are asking the public for help.

“Even though we believe he’s very likely not here in this area anymore,” Harley said. “We do feel very strongly that someone or various persons know of his whereabouts.”

If you do know where Marcus Scott may be, call Crimestoppers right away at (912) 234-2020. Remember each and every call is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you.

If your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

“While it may even qualify for a cash reward,” Harley reminds everyone. “More importantly its getting Marcus Scott off the streets.”

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