Experts discuss country’s future after Trump wins presidential race

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Now that many people have had time to digest the outcome experts are looking at the next steps Donald Trump should take and avoid.

“The worst thing Trump could do is to move very very quickly,” Dr. Lara Wessel, a political science professor at Armstrong State University, said.

Throughout the election experts said there has been a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Trump, which is something that could impact the U.S. economically.

“Trump of course has an economic plan, but the problem is it’s hard to know what he’s actually going to do when he gets into office. He’s changed his tune many times,” William Lastrapes, an economics professor at the University of Georgia, said.

Questions have also been raised on where he stands on cultural issues.

“Initiating us and engaging in discussion, conversation and understanding about one another and where these different groups are coming from,” Wessel said.

Dr. Wessel said leaders need to have a unified front to improve confidence in elected officials.

“If we look at those divisions we very well might be in a better place four years from now. If we can find some understanding,” Wessel said.

While at the same time focusing on our future financially, experts said Trump has been unpredictable, which could lead the economy down the wrong path.

Some of those experts even fear another recession.

“Actually trying to predict what’s going to happen with the economy at this point is very uncertain,” Lastrapes said. So, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in any projections I might make in what’s going to happen.”
“We really need to work through some of this angst some of the divisiveness both within the party and between the parties,” Wessel said.

Overall, those experts stress that the country needs healing to take place now that we finally have a leader after this long and very emotional process.

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