Savannah’s City Manager on His First 3 Weeks

He was the choice of the council to lead the city of Savannah.

In just three weeks on the job, City Manager Rob Hernandez has already been through a hurricane and multiple murders.

But what does Savannah’s City Manager thinks the next three weeks, months, even years may hold.

“Making decisions without having all the appropriate facts or knowing all the different facets of the community that could be dangerous,” said Hernandez.

That’s why Rob Hernandez says he is in “listen, learn and observe” mode.

Observing the community he now helps shape.
Shaping with a community and a staff he has already seen deal with a hurricane, and thrive under pressure.

‘The reverse would be that i’m here 6 months or a year and we would have a crisis and what would be going through my mind would be, well i don’t know who I would rely on, I don’t know how this team is going to perform, I now know that,” explained the City Manager.

He also knows is that crime in Savannah is a problem.

Hernandez knows crime is an issue in Savannah, but so is the City Budget
Hernandez knows crime is an issue in Savannah, but so is the City Budget

“The community is very concerned about it, the community expects us to take proactive measures and we have,” said Hernandez.

But the same community also may be too focused on each and every criminal act.

“When we have an instance of crime that happens here its unfortunate,” explains Hernandez. “But it stands out more i think in the community mindset because its out there its closer to them it gets publicized more in the city of Savannah.”

But he is not ready to rubber stamp the high cost of putting more officers on the streets. Stressing Fiscal responsibility, he hopes to find “progressive” ways to get police what they want in 2017.

“My job is to balance all the competing needs in the community and to try to make a fiscally sound and operationally sound recommendation to the nine that eventually have to make the decisions,” explained the City Manager.

The decisions about growth of our city is foremost on Hernandez’s mind.

“We cant afford to be as methodical as we have been in the past again because the world is moving at a breakneck speed, and we have to keep up with the world,” said Hernandez.
“Are we behind?”
“I’m not saying we are behind. But we have to pick up the pace.”

Pace of life, and pace of drawing businesses to Savannah.

“Make sure they know Savannah more than just a great place to visit. A great place to relocate your business,” said Hernandez. “Oh and by the way they have a really great local government as well.”

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