News 3 crunches the numbers of Chatham County voter turnout

Voters standing outside Pooler Church on Commerce Court in Pooler on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) –  Statewide more than four million people voted thousands more than the previous record in 2008. It also looks like Chatham county may break its turnout record.

There’s nothing “pending on the fact that it was a long night for vote counters in Chatham county and across the country.

“I was working with an employee last night who, who’s alarm went off while we were working there for him to get up for the next’s day work, for Wednesday,” says Board of Elections director Tom Mahoney III.

According to the board of elections, more than 113,000 people voted in Chatham county on paper and at machines. Once those numbers are finalized,it will be historic for the county.

“Anecdotally I can say they were several poll managers saying that at least this was the biggest turnout,” says Mahoney.

The total number of  voters increased by .4% from 2012. The big surprises were from African American voters who’s numbers surged in ’08 and 2012, but this year dropped by 4% from four years ago.

“There are a number of African American college students, and also social activists who are becoming more disenfranchises with the status quo, Democratic machine,” says community activist and Black Lives Matter Savannah founder Jomo Johnson.

Chatham still went to Hillary Clinton, but in large African American voting locations like Moses Jackson, Carver Village, Liberty City, Jonesville baptist, voter turnout was down by double digits in percentages.

“While that is somewhat surprising because African Americans have always been very vocal in their communication for the need to vote, I do believe this shows a disconnect with many African Americans of the political process especially how it relates to the Democratic party,” says Jomo.

Meanwhile, predominantly white voters on the islands turned out for Trump. White voters increased 3% turnout than in 2012. In fact every location on Wilmington, Whitemarsh, and Tybee Island increased total numbers over 2012 comparisons.

Overall, Chatham county stayed blue in the election and in fact flipped a county commission seat in the 6th district from Republican to Democrat.

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