Westlake residents seek help from state lawmakers

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “You don’t understand how emotional we are right now,” Tiarra Williams, a Westlake resident, said. “That’s not a good state of mind to be playing with.”

Families at Westlake Apartments watch as their homes are torn apart in hopes of finally moving back in.
Crews have been working to get rid of the mold, but residents say progress has been slow and careless.

Williams sent us video of her home where you can see a water line on the walls that’ve been dismantled for repair.

“There’s mold exposed in the frames and they’re going to put sheet rock over that and I’m trying to figure out how you’re going to do that and not test or treat the mold,” Williams said.

She also mentioned how these crews aren’t your typical construction workers.

“It hasn’t been like a specific company,” Williams said. “It’s always a private rental of somewhat.”

Something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by others who have seen the area.

“They’re not major construction companies,” Pastor Larinda King, a Westlake advocate, said. “It looks like they’re more smaller mom and pop ones or maybe that they have hired someone.”

Since the process has taken longer than expected they’re losing out on free places to stay. King told News 3’s Devin Negrete the only help they’ve received lately is from nearby churches.

“I haven’t seen anybody else come in to help besides the different, smaller, churches that have came to help,” King said.

That’s why King created a petition demanding action from housing and urban development.

She created it less than two weeks ago and already has 6,000 signatures with 4,000 to go.

“See if I can get some other people in the community that are offended by it too and see if I can get their signature,” King said.

Once all the signatures are set in place King plans to take them to the state capitol. Whether officials decide to rebuild or tear the whole thing down she and other residents want this matter solved once and for all.

“These have to go. It’s too much mold to try and save,” Williams said. “We’ve got to resoil, tear it down and do another project because Westlake there’s no more Westlake.”

You can click here if you’d like to sign the petition. You can also visit End Time Commission Church on Mills B. Lane Blvd. in Savannah.

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