Garden City voters to decide on Sunday Beer and Wine sales

GARDEN CITY, Ga (WSAV) – Two years ago they said ‘no’ but now Garden City residents get to re-think their decision on Sunday alcohol sales. Garden city leaders believe allowing at least beer and wine to be sold Sunday afternoons could significantly help attract business to the area.

City leaders hope grocery chains that left when citizens voted it down may come back if Sunday sales get a “yes”.

“In 2014 we actually had three grocery stores in garden city and two of those have since closed and actually the three stores worked out real good because they were evenly spread out throughout the city,” says city Mayor Don Bethune.

Now all that’s left is the Food Lion along highway 21, somewhere not easily accessible for many Garden City residents.

So Sunday alcohol sales is on the ballot with hopes from city leaders that it may bring back big grocers.

“We recognize the fact that we need to do everything we can to entice a grocery store to come to Garden City,” says the mayor

Voters will not see the same language on the question for Sunday sales as they did in 2014. This time it only allow beer and wine sales not liquor. News 3 asked around and heard from several businesses that support the sales, but are skeptical the city as a whole will approve them.

Two years ago, as a councilman, Don Bethune voted down the Sunday sales. Now as mayor he supports it

“If people are going to buy beer and wine, if they don’t buy it here in garden city they’re going to go down the road.”

In the end, he thinks this will be a step for business growth in the city, but supports voters to vote their conscience on the ballot measure.

“I say I can’t tell you how to vote but I can tell you we need a grocery store and if this gets us a grocery store then that’s going to be a good thing.”

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