GA Secretary of State promises fair election results

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV)- Georgia Secretary of Brian Kemp says if early voting is any indication, a lot of people are interested in Tuesday’s election.  He says nearly 2.2 million people in Georgia have already taken part in advance voting, surpassing numbers from 2008 and 2012.

Kemp also indicated he had taken the step of traveling around the state today to not only advise citizens about important things to know when voting tomorrow but “also to make it clear that the process is fair.”   Kemp says voting machines are not hooked up to the Internet and that results are counted at precincts in the state’s 159 counties by “your friends and neighbors.”

He says if people have concerns about possible fraud or voter intimidation they need to first tell someone at the polls. Issues about voter fraud can be reported to the Secretary of State’s office by calling 877-725-9797.

Kemp also said that our of the more than 2 million votes already cast his office has opened up just 25 reviews and or investigations. He said one of them is in regard to a voting machine in Bryan County that registered votes for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

Kemp says the machine in question had a calibration issue. He said machines are not “flipping votes.”

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