40,000 yards of debris slows business for one Tybee grill

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. – Mountains of storm debris fills the North Beach parking lot on Tybee Island.

The area has become a designated dropping zone for islanders. So far, crews have collected 40,000 yards worth of debris with more to go.

However, this has created a problem for owners at North Beach Grill as the debris sits feet away from the lot.

“This parking lot on the North end is really the only viable location for this type of operation,” Kathryn Williams, the North Beach Grill co-owner, said. “That being said, it’s really had a detrimental effect on business and our numbers are down about 50% over October of last year.”

Williams told News 3’s Devin Negrete since people know the lot is closed they think the business is as well.

Williams wants to assure everyone that that’s not the case.

She added she’s grateful they’re cleaning the mess, but these machines turning the debris into mulch is spreading dust everywhere once the wind kicks up. Not to mention the loud roar of the engines.

The owners have reached out to local and federal governments for assistance, but in the end have turned up with nothing

“Everybody acknowledges that this is adversely affecting our business, but we’re not given any other solutions other than to go to the SBA,” Williams said.

Workers, who’ve been cleaning since October 15th, said they expect to finish up by the first week of December.

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