Timber Warriors help some storm victims with free tree removal

Tree down on Wilmington Island

(SAVANNAH) Storm damage following Hurricane Matthew, is still evident across the Coastal Empire and Lowcounty. There are a lot of people living with trees leaning precariously over their homes or actually resting on homes, garages, and outbuildings. One disabled veteran’s pleas in Savannah for help with just such lingering storm damage seemed to fall on deaf ears for weeks. That vet called WSAV and was connected with a national tree removal firm working in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. Timber Warriors answered Greig Fine’s wish: No cost professional tree removal. “I just can’t tell you how grateful I am. I thought I was gonna lose my she. that tree’s leaning. If it fell I’d probably lose part of my house. I’m just so grateful!” Fine said.

That gratitude is for the work a five-man crew performed at Fine’s home on Carmel Avenue Thursday morning. The team with Timber Warriors dealt with tree removal trouble Fine’s has faced since the storm nearly a month ago. One tree rested on a vehicle at Fine’s home, another tree was on his garage, and a third tree, tilted by the winds of Matthew, loomed dangerously towards his home. Timber Warriors took care of the problem and did so at no cost to Fine. F. J. Runyon, the owner and founder of the Timber Warriors network, says cases like Fine’s allows his firm to give back to the storm ravaged communities where they work. “Mr. Fine had contributed and given and made a sacrifice to his community and to his, and to his nation and we would like to give back to him in appreciation for what he’s done and any other people just like him.” Runyon said.

Fine says the tree removal work he needed was beyond his current abilities, adding that the toughest parts of getting this assistance was asking for help. “It’s always uncomfortable to ask for help when you’re used to being independent.” the veteran stated, admitting some doubt that the offer for free tree removal was legitimate. “When they first said, yeah, they’re coming, they’re gonna do this and that and the other, ya’ think, yeah, sorta heard that before, but they keep their word.” Fine said.

Tony Salerno, the crew foreman for the Timber Warriors team tackling Fine’s trees says he and his men really like helping people like Fine. “Sometimes it’s just, ya’ know, the right thing to do, you gotta give back. Everyone should do it and if everyone chipped in then it’d be cleaned up a lot faster.” Salerno said. Fine says this work is the answer to a prayer. “It feels like God working in my life.” said Fine.

Runyon says Timber Warriors is a tree removal resource for those who can not afford this kind of service, adding that if they can’t help, they have access to a network of resources and can find the help needed for tree removal. Timber Warriors is based in the St. Louis, Missouri area and Runyon says people in need can reach them at (844)-999-9246.


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