The power of the pen: Local literary organizations bring The BreakBeat Poets to Savannah

Local literary organizations are coming together to bring some of our country’s most prolific writers to the city.

November 11 – 13, The Break Beat Poets will be in Savannah leading inspiring workshops for developing and matured artists.

They’ll top it off with a high energy performance in an open mic setting at Foxy Loxy’s courtyard in downtown Savannah.

Spitfire Poetry Group Executive Director, Marquice Williams, and Megan Ave’Lallemant, Senior Director of Programs with Deep Center, join us at the table with details.


The BreakBeat Poets
A Courtyard Experience
Friday, November 11
7 pm
Foxy Loxy
1919 Bull St. Savannah
Free Admission
RSVP on Facebook

Click here for more information on Spitfire and Deep Center



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