Local Landmark Damaged, but not Destroyed by Hurricane

The Hurricane may have destroyed trees, homes, cars and businesses but it never destroyed the spirit of the people.

That was no more evident than on Hilton head Island where one set of workers banded together to get a local landmark up, running and cooking again.

“The neighbor’s dock the Chart House dock came up and got pushed in the wind and through this wall.” said Andrew Carmines, General Manager of Hudson’s Seafood.

Andrew Carmines can point to the damage everywhere at Hudson’s. Its not hard to see.

Tide so high it knocked nails out of the dock, taking the boards right off and sending them out to sea. 3 feet of water in some spots of the restaurant. A building designed for shrimpers and fishermen that was destroyed. None of these were the first thing on the General managers mind as he waited to come back home, and waited for his staff.

The dockside seating at Hudson's is gone thank to Matthew, but the restaurant promises to rebuild it better than ever
The dockside seating at Hudson’s is gone thank to Matthew, but the restaurant promises to rebuild it better than ever

“That’s the thing that kept me up at night because I have three kids at home,” said Carmines. “I just kept thinking if the roles were reversed and I was supporting working for my family here, and was hourly or a server it was a pretty scary situation.”

Those workers were out of a job until Hudson’s was back in business. And they were determined to get it that way, fast.

“Thursday morning as soon as everyone was let back on the island I had 70 of my 100 and some employees here ready to work,” said Carmines. “They worked non stop until the job got done.”

Servers and cooks turned carpenters and demolition experts. All for the restaurant they work at, and love.

“We are all like a big family,” said Brian Cortes, a Hudson’s server. “It was the right thing to do.”

Equipment was gone, rooms still not open yet, but three weeks after the storm, Hudson’s is serving customers again. It opened Saturday, and there was a line waiting to get in.

“It was really a warming experience yesterday to see I knew somebody at every table in the restaurant,” said a smiling Carmines. “and that’s just an amazing amazing feeling.”

The only thing better than full tables and full bellies, a full heart for a job well done by a FAMILY at Hudson’s.

“I always knew they were really great staff, now I know they are really great people,” said an emotional Carmines.

Folks can still eat the Local shrimp. 6000 pounds of which were saved in freezers by friends on Hilton Head. Local fish are back on the menu, all from boats which are finding new ways to dock at Hudson’s. Oysters are coming soon,screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-9-40-34-pm as is a new..better deck and dock.

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