Free services attempt to resolve some issues for voters

Two free services hope to help resolve transportation and child care issues on Election Day.

(SAVANNAH) As Election Day draws near two organizations in the Coastal Empire are offering free services to resolve some issues that may keep some people from voting. Those services address issues with transportation and child care. The YMCA of Coastal Georgia is offering it’s Kids Day Out program next Tuesday, free daycare for parents who might otherwise have to pass on casting a ballot. “You just have to come in, register. It’s first come first serve. We do have limited spaces and come in between 8 and Noon on election Day and drop your children off and we’ll provide quality care for them while you go exercise your right to vote.” said Krystal McGee, District Vice President of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia.

The free Election Day child care is being offered at the Islands, West Chatham, Habersham, Richmond Hill, and Effingham YMCA facilities. McGee says people who use the free daycare should know their children will be in good hands. ” We have some really passionate staff who love kids and who are invested in the nurturing process. So while you’re off voting, that your kids will be having a great time, interacting, learning team-building, and how to play well with others.” McGee said.

For those who want to vote, but don’t have the means to get to their polling place on Election Day, the Savannah chapter of the NAACP is offering free rides. 1st Vice President, Richard Shinholster talked about their transportation program when the group made the announcement last Friday. “The NAACP will provide transportation for anyone who will simply call our office. We want all citizens to participate in the political process.” Shinholster said.

Both organizations, the NAACP and the YMCA, say their services to help voters get to the polls is in no way an attempt to support any particular candidate. They say their programs are a community service, a service in support of the democratic process. “We don’t care who they vote for, we want them to exercise their right to vote and make a choice that works for their family.” said McGee. “The message is to encourage everyone to go to the polls and vote.” Shinholster said. He adds that anyone needing a ride to vote on Election Day can call the NAACP offices in Savannah at (912)-233-4161.  Calls are being accepted in advance to schedule pick-ups.

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