Agencies offer help to Lowcountry storm victims

Ridgeland, SC (WSAV) – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stopped in Ridgeland Wednesday as part of a tour of events aimed at getting hurricane victims back on their feet.
Hundreds of neighbors from Jasper, Beaufort and Hampton counties lined up outside the Jasper County Farmer’s Market, eager to get answers from agencies inside.

“We had our power gone for about six days so our food and stuff got messed up and we are trying to get some help from that,” Jessie Tyson said.  He estimates he lost hundreds of dollars of food alone.

Federal and state agencies along with non-profits were there to answer questions and ready to reach those out of a job- out of food- or out even out of hope.  A member of Samaritan’s Purse, a ministry of Franklin Graham, was there praying with those who asked.

“I run a food bank and after he storm I had a lot of people lining up but I lost a lot of food,” Helen Shuler said.

Governor Nikki Haley and her staff spent time packing donation boxes for those who needed a boost. In the past weeks she’s heard from hundreds who do….and she’s confident they’ll get the care they need. “The people of South Carolina should be so proud of their state because the people step up every time,” Haley said.

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