Woman claims store employee stole items from son’s vehicle

Savannah, GA (WSAV) — A Savannah woman says an employee of a local business staked out her son’s vehicle, before stealing nearly everything inside it.

And, she says she has the surveillance video to prove it.

The woman says her son’s truck was parked at the Autoshine after workers finished washing it.  But, she believes an employee of a Jiffy Lube was watching the truck the entire time.

Kelly Youmans says it all went down Friday evening.

She and her son dropped off his truck at the Autoshine on Highway 80, and they left to go run errands.

They returned around 7 p.m., that’s when her son noticed several hundred dollars worth of computers, books and other personal items were gone.

According to Youmans, surveillance video shows that an employee of the Jiffy Lube was the thief who broke into her son’s truck.

“I’d like to see him suffer the consequences which would be to go to jail,” says Kelly Youmans.

A manager of the Jiffy Lube confirmed to WSAV that a now former employee is accused of this crime.

We’re told warrants have been signed against him.

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