Pooler neighbors face continued problems with flooding, again

POOLER, Ga. – Hurricane Matthew continues to bring headaches and insurance nightmares to many residents in Pooler, Georgia.

Paul Mueller lives on Tappan Zee Drive where he says twelve households were flooded during the storm. He says it’s because the City of Pooler is neglecting to properly engineer the Quacco Canal which runs through his backyard.

“That inadequate culvert system caused the water in our homes here,” he said.

This isn’t the first time he says the flooding has happened.

“I had been contacting them like I said since 2013. Since we were flooded because of this. This isn’t right,” Mueller said.

On Quacco Road there are three pipes that work to drain the water in the canal but Mueller says they aren’t doing their job. During Hurricane Matthew the water flooded and reached over the banks of the canal.

He says he has a solution for the flooding.

“If we would have had a bridge there and even would have gained 18 inches down there, the 12.75 inches wouldn’t have been in this house,” he said.

WSAV reached out to Mayor Mike Lamb for an explanation for what the city is doing about the flooding and why the area hasn’t been deemed a flood zone. He could not sit down for an interview but did say the he and the city are doing all they can to support the people of Pooler.

Mueller and his neighbors say they aren’t stopping until they get more concrete answers.



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