Local Native American couple to make documentary about Standing Rock protests

SAVANNAH, Ga.- Thousands of miles away in North Dakota, protestors continue to march and pray for changes as the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to be built.

Measuring more than a thousand miles and crossing four states, the DAP, advocates say, promises to bring thousands of jobs and help the United States become more self-sufficient. But those against say that it is destroying sacred tribal burial grounds and harmful to the environment.

Jozi Ethebah is a local Apache Native American and she is “heartbroken” by the pipeline.

“So many people were affected by Hurricane Matthew just by trees falling on their homes being destroyed. If our land is destroyed by oil from the water, it’s going to hurt so much more than a hurricane,” she said.

She and her husband Michael, a SCAD alum, have decided to make a documentary about the protestors at Standing Rock.

“It’s going to be about the protestors and how they feel and how it is affecting them. It’s going to be about all the Native Americans and non Native-Americans coming together,” she said.

The documentary, she says, is for everyone to watch. The team will be made up of Michael and other SCAD students and they plan to leave in a few weeks to film in Standing Rock.

To learn more and donate to their documentary click here.

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