Hodge Elementary School Students vote in mock Presidential Election


Exactly one week from today, many people will head to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States.

But third, fourth and fifth graders at Hodge Elementary School made their way to the polls several days early!

News 3’s Courtney Cole gives us a look at look at their civic experience.

Sound of excitement filled  the hallways of Hodge Elementary School on Tuesday morning.

But Yvette Wells, the principal, says it’s not because of lunch or recess this time, but because they got the chance to cast their votes in this year’s presidential election.

“Teachers in the classroom have been going over, during the social studies segments, the responsibility of voting, they’ve been talking about the different candidates, going over the different debates…”

This has all been in preparation for the nation’s largest mock election held by the EveryKidVotes program.


The students filed into a classroom, that was created to look like a polling place, presented their voter registration cards and eagerly made their decisions.

COURTNEY: “And why were you excited to vote today?”
“Because I’m really excited to have a new president,” said Aubriana West, a third graders at Hodge Elementary School.


“Because President Obama, he had his turn and now it’s time for somebody new to come in,” Aubriana told News 3.

COURTNEY: “And what are you hoping a new president will do?”
“I hope that they make better laws,” Aubriana said.


Principal Wells hopes this experience will help them make better, more responsible civic decisions as they grow into young adults.

“A lot of them are truly engaged in exactly what’s going on now. And so it is important for them to start now, so as they grow up they’ll know, ‘it is important that we vote.’ In order to get my voice heard, I need to vote, in order to make change, I need to vote…so that’s what we’re instilling in our kids.”

Two weeks ago, two very special guests visited students at Hodge Elementary to prepare them for the mock election and teach them about civic responsibility. Click here to see what the kids learned from the visit.

Votes from schools across the nation will be counted and results will be announced on Tuesday night.

WSAV News 3 will bring you the results as soon as we have them.


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