Drought Expands over the Deep South… but not Locally due to Rain from Hurricane Matthew

Drought is expanding over much of the southeast... with the exception of the eastern Carolinas... eastern Georgia and much of Florida thanks to Matthew's tropical rainfall.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is beginning to show an increase in drought conditions across the South and Southeast… in an area extending from South Carolina westward to eastern Texas and northward into Tennessee.

In the interior Southeast… a persistently dry weather pattern during the past couple of months continues to negatively impact agricultural as well as hydrologic and soil moisture conditions across much of the region.

But notice the close up view of Georgia and South Carolina below. It shows a lack of drought through the direct path of Hurricane Matthew in early October… dumping as much as 10 to 20 inches over the coastal southeast… through the eastern Carolinas… eastern Georgia and much of Florida.

Across northern and western Georgia… and the western half of South Carolina…areas that did not receive extreme rainfall from Matthew… drought is growing.

While the past several weeks have been essentially dry locally… so much rain fell from Matthew that our area has a short to medium term surplus which will keep drought at bay a while… assuming the dry conditions persist.

U.S. Drought Monitor forGeorgia

U.S. Drought Monitor forSouth Carolina


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