Early voting locations expand in Chatham County

Several new early voting locations open in Chatham County

(SAVANNAH)  Early voters have been lined up to cast ballots for two weeks and their options are expanded in the last workweek before Election Day November 8th. Four additional locations have been opened to allow for even more early voters. “We’re expecting to do at least 20,000 votes this week alone. ” said Sabrina German, Interim Director of the Chatham County Voter’s Registration Office.

German says in the first two weeks of in-person early voting, 16,339 votes had been cast through Sunday, October 30th. All of those votes were cast at the Voter’s Registration Office on Eisenhower Drive in Savannah. Now, in addition, four other locations are set up for early voting and German says it’s the same experience you’d have if you vote on November 8th. “They’re voting on the same type of machines that they’re gonna vote on when they go to the polls on Election Day and our machines are taken over to the board of elections on Election Day and they are counted as all of the other votes are counted.” said German.

There is an important step no voter should skip, whether it’s early voters or those waiting for Election Day. German says everyone should hit the review button before the final step of casting a ballot. “Make sure to press the review button to make sure that the candidates that they selected, um, is the candidates they want to cast their ballots for. if there is a problem with it they need to contact one of the staff members, um, if it’s not their person that they want to choose before pressing cast ballot. because once they press cast ballot we can’t go and change the vote. If they contact us prior to pressing cast ballot, we can guide them in to change whatever they want to change.” German said.

The four additional early voting locations in Chatham County are the Savannah Civic Center, Mosquito Control Offices, the Islands Library, and the Southwest Library. Those locations will be open for early voting through Friday, November 4, 2016.


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