Neighbors react to HOA Halloween post that caused social media uproar

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – It’s a Halloween tradition for many Chatham county islanders,the treasure trove for treats.
A recent move by the Olde Towne subdivision property owners association, caused a social media stir.

“We’re prepared with three hundred to six hundred pieces of candy we’ve been told and we’ve been preparing for it almost all year long,” says Olde Towne resident Frank Unger.

Something Olde Towne could not prepare for was hurricane Matthew. now the debris almost hides homes sitting along curbs. It’s such a problem the HOA sent a message to neighbors saying they were going to restrict the public access for Halloween.

“It struck me as a little bit harsh, ‘restricting’ some of those words are very alarming and strong so,” Unger adds.

The rest of the public that read the social media post thought the same and blasted the neighborhood for the exclusion. Neighbors like frank Unger don’t want the public thinking they are not welcome.

“We want everyone to know that we love people and we love children and you know with my four year old’s we welcome all children and people to have fun here,” says Unger.

There is the matter of safety, Olde Towne is not as open as years past.

“We have so much damage, so much trees that haven’t been hauled off and debris and everything to where some of the street are still one lane,” says long time resident Dewitt Beeland.

For those who plan to make the trip to Olde Towne, neighbor Dewitt Beeland wants them to know it will not be easy to drive through there will be police around and safety will be the top priority.

“That’s the only thing we want is for people to be safe,” Beeland adds.

The property owners association did issue a new statement to islanders, they say the call for restricted access came from consulting police. Now they say they will focus on monitoring crowds before they begin restricting visitors Monday evening.

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