Couple can’t catch a break from effects of Hurricane Matthew

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A Savannah couple is pressing on after their home was badly damaged by a large tree.

The tree fell and severed their trailer on the South Side.

Rebecca Huckstep and Matt Sampson evacuated and came back to find their home split in two.

“Our house is gone, a place you started building memories and stuff. Yeah, completely trashed,” Huckstep said.

But their nightmare didn’t end there. They also discovered several items were missing included a shed and a freezer.

“We had a big bamboo hope chest that his mom gave us that was gone. There was a box of kitchen utensils that had been crushed. There’s stuff missing from that,” she said.

Since they came back the tree has been removed but they kept noticing more items were gone. The couple says they have

“no idea” who the suspected thieves are but also believes it is not random targeting.

“I hope you taking something from someone else that’s already going through so much some how makes your life better,” she said any potential suspects.

On Friday they filed a police report with the Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department. The department told WSAV they will review the case early next week.

In the meantime, Huckstep and Sampson say the theft is causing untold headaches.

“We’re now having to prove that we don’t have it versus it was lost” she said.

They say that inspire of their circumstances they hope they can continue to help others.

“We wanted people to understand that this isn’t right to hopefully stop it happening here or happening to someone else,” she said.

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