Deep Well Project Helping Hilton Head Workers Recover from Storm

Hilton Head is known for beautiful homes, big hotels.. and high end rentals.

But there’s another side to the Island, one not about wealth, but work. Those are the folks who are employed at these tourist destinations.

For them every dollar counts. Matthew cost them dollars they just don’t have.

“Most people think of Hilton Head as an island of wealth with pockets of poverty. We know its an Island of poverty with pockets of wealth,” says Betsy Doughtie of the Deep Well Project.


That’s where the Deep Well Project comes in.

Shelves stocked with food, people taking calls, all from the folks who live here. People who didn’t lose their homes in the storm, but could now.

“Most of the people that we help are living paycheck to paycheck,” said Doughtie. “They don’t have the ability to save money literally for that rainy day.”

“Most traditionally it is my money went for gas, it went for hotels my food is rotten and I wasn’t paid for a whole week.”

“100 requests for rent and utility bills because they don’t have the ability to do it.”

Deep Well gave $600,000 to needy folks last year to help with food, utility bills and rent
Deep Well gave $600,000 to needy folks last year to help with food, utility bills and rent

In her 20 years at Deep Well, Betsy Doughtie says she’s never taken so many requests for help. This is an agency that gave out $600,000 in food, supplies and money for bills last year alone.

“Hilton Head is still a very seasonal economy,” said Doughtie. “During this time of year the landscapers the hotel workers the restaurant workers have their hours cut during this time of year and they struggle to pay their everyday bills.”

“These are core island workers we are helping. What would we do without them? Our whole island would fall apart.”

So by letting folks pick food off their shelves or answering the call to pay a power bill or rent.. deep well shows that one storm won’t destroy the island.. or the people on it.

“We will do whatever we can to truly help them,” smiled Doughtie.

Doughtie says supplies are holding up well now – but with Christmas and Thanksgiving coming up, the need will be greater than ever.

She’s hoping the donations will keep flooding in.

The SERG group along with Tito’s vodka is doing their part.

Deas Guyz Concert
Rooftop Bar at Poseidon
Doors open at 4PM

“Saints and Sinners” Halloween Bash
Rooftop Bar at Poseidon
Doors open at 4PM

“Howl-O-Ween Oyster Roast
Black Marlin Hurricane Bar
Starts at 4PM

The restaurant group will match up to $10,000 to help the Deep Well Project.

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