62 years of service, Dr. Priscilla Thomas honored

SAVANNAH, Ga. – For 62 years she has served the Savannah community, for 26 years as Chatham County Commissioner and on Friday night she was honored for that service.

Many leaders in Savannah along with close friends and family honored Dr. Priscilla Thomas, in her own annex at the Civil Rights Museum, for her work throughout the community.

From a principal to creating the Chatham County Youth Commission, Dr. Thomas has touched many lives during her years of service.

Memories people like Al Scott highlighted. He even dedicated October 28, 2016 as Dr. Priscilla Thomas day.

But now she’s retiring to spend some extra time with those closest to her.

“I look forward to kind of spending some time with my husband and my other family members because I really haven’t had the time, but I really have enjoyed working in the various positions that I have,” Dr. Thomas said.

Among being with her family, Thomas said she’d like to throw a cruise into the mix as well.

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