Teens caught on tape committing armed robberies

Savannah, GA (WSAV)- Savannah Chatham Metro Police are looking for two teenagers accused of two robberies that happened within just minutes of each other downtown.

Police believe the teens were possibly wearing their school uniforms when they committed two violent crimes in downtown Savannah Monday night.

Police say the teens first approached a couple on Lincoln and East State Streets just after 8 p.m., pulled out a weapon and demanded money.

But the couple who lives on this very street managed to get away.

And, just minutes later, police say the same suspects held up a woman on East Bryan and Price Streets.

Police say the woman who was trying to get back to her hotel when she was robbed.

Jean Holland is visiting Savannah from New York.  She says she won’t leave her hotel at night.

“I don’t walk out in the dark in Albany, New York either so it’s nothing new for me,” says Holland.

Kevin Ryan, a Savannah business owner, is house hunting.

One of the robberies happened just steps away from where he’s looking.

Ryan heard about the crime on the news.

“It’s not limited to one area, it’s really everywhere.  If you want to live in a place with no crime, you’ll have to travel a long, long way from here,” says Ryan.

Metro Police reminds everyone to avoid walking in dark, isolated areas.

They also say always be aware of your surroundings.

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